Dear sir/ma,

I’ve personally seen the incredible difference that FREE cleft surgery can make in as little as 45 minutes.

I’ve watched the tears stream down the cheeks of children who cannot believe their long nightmare has really ended. I’ve seen mothers who hardly recognize their babies after surgery. And I’ve seen how children who were born with clefts are able to start a brand new life.

By providing free surgical repair to children born with clefts, Ethavo Foundation makes these amazing transformations happen more than 100 times every day all over the world. In virtually an instant, a child’s face changes from tears to a new and bright smile.

Since our establishment in 2019, Ethavo Foundation has provided over 20,000 free cleft repair surgeries to desperately poor children living in developing countries. If it weren’t for Ethavo Foundation, none of these kids would have an opportunity to attend school, make friends, or ever find a job.

Surgery gives them more than just a new smile – afterwards, they can speak without an impediment, eat properly, and not suffer from the incredible taunting of other children because of their disfiguring cleft.

Ethavo Foundation has found a way to help end the suffering of tens of thousands of these children by providing cleft surgery that is safe, effective, and affordable.

It takes as little as 45 minutes.

It costs as little as $300.

It changes a child’s life forever.

By partnering with local doctors and hospitals in developing countries, we can provide free cleft surgery for a poor child for as little as $300. We empower local doctors to provide free treatment for poor children through free training, free medical equipment, and financial support.

By working together, we’re able to provide surgery that might cost $20,000 or more in the United States for as little as $300.

But we need your help.

As one of our 2021 goals, we plan to help more than 80,000 children receive surgery, but there are millions more that need it. A donation from you – of any amount – will help us help more children.

Every dollar of your support directly benefits children born with clefts With compassion and hope as your guide, I hope you can send a generous gift of $300 to cover the cost of a complete cleft surgery…

…a gift of $150 can cover half of the cost of a cleft repair for one child…

…a gift of $75 can pay for the anesthesia and sutures needed to bring a smile to the face of a child with a cleft lip…

…a gift of $50 can pay for the anesthesia for one cleft surgery…

…or a gift of just $25 can provide for the sutures necessary for the surgical procedure to close a cleft palate on the roof of a child’s mouth.

In return, I will post regular reports on website on how we used your gift to change the lives of children with clefts all over the world. I promise it will not only put a smile on the face of a child, it may just put one on yours, too.

Send your donation to our crowdfunding ethereum address

Thank you in advance for helping us work toward changing the lives of children with clefts

Dr David Smith
CEO and Co-founder
Ethavo Foundation
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